your energy. cheap electricity at home.

What goes on in your home is your business - and we get that it's important that you can compare electricity options and choose one thats fit in with your lifestyle. Whether you love cheap electricity and gas, rewards, are a green energy fan or just want a no-frills, no-strings type deal, we've got something for you.

Check out our cheap electricity packages and find your perfect match.

switching to Lumo Energy.

We know that switching energy suppliers can be a complete drag - so we do our best to make it as easy as possible. Just fill out the Lumo Energy 'switch' form and one of our friendly customer service people will get in touch to work out the best energy plan for you.

moving home? let us take care of the boring bits.

Let's face it, moving home is about as much fun as reading the phone book (unless of course you like that sort of thing), so why not let us take care of it for you? Just fill out our quick online form and we'll be in touch to organise the annoying stuff for you.

gas? we've got it (the good kind).

Need gas? We can sort you out. At this stage we supply to Victoria and NSW and we're working on the other states. Get in touch and we'll call you for a gasbag.