Useful Energy saving Devices for Your Office

When Kermit said ‘it wasn’t easy being green’, he was half right. In 1970, businesses had few options when it came to making smart energy decisions. Fortunately today, there are plenty.

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If you’d like to save on business electricity and go green for good, we’re proud to show you how. After all, what’s good for your business is great for all of us when it comes to being green. It may not be easy all of the time, but it certainly gets easier once you make a start!

Look to the stars

Here’s something you can easily change – the products you choose to buy.

Wherever you can, look for an Energy Star rated option and choose energy saving devices when shopping for office equipment and appliances. It’s one of the easiest ways to achieve the best energy mileage over time, reduce your business electricity costs and lesson your environmental footprint. Best of all, you’ll save money in the long run, as energy saving devices don’t need replacing as often.

The Energy Star website offers a nifty comparison tool along with an app for using on your smart phone or tablet so that you can determine the best energy saving devices to suit your office needs. Learn about the leading companies in energy efficient computer monitors, along with other well-known products available in Australia.

Take technology seriously

There will always be a cheaper option when it comes to investing in small business technology. Lesser-known brands can look like bargains and older models are often marked down or going for a song online. While it can be tempting to focus on the initial out of pocket savings, spare a thought for what these bargains may mean for your business electricity bills over time.

If you can afford it, look for the latest offerings in technology, especially where sellers can prove  the latest version offers significant energy savings.  Taking steps to being green is also a great for communicating social responsibility which improves public perception, is cost saving (long term), differentiates your brand and builds customer and employee engagement.

Seek out new inventions

More energy saving devices are being developed each day. Here are three of the smartest on the market, designed to help reduce your business electricity bill and drain on the environment’s resources.

EcoSwitch - Consider installing an EcoSwitch to eliminate the cost of leaving office equipment on standby at the end of the day. This canny energy saving device allows you to switch off appliances and equipment with one flick of the button. Monash University recently trialled the device and achieved an energy reduction of 30% at each workstation!

Solar Charger - Charge your mobile or tablet devices without boosting your business electricity bill. Solar chargers are mobile, so you can use them at home, on the road or even when out of range.

Smart Plug - Do you ever leave your phone or computer charging overnight? While convenient, most devices charge in barely a few hours. A smart plug shuts off the power once the device is charged, reducing your business electricity bill. How smart is that?


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Date: 16 July 2015
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