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Lumo Movers

Perfect for people moving or those who move a lot.

If you're looking for an energy offer that gives you both flexibility and a helping hand when disconnecting and reconnecting from one house to the other, Lumo Movers is for you. We'll even throw in a 10%* early bird discount.

Get in early, pay less

We love to reward people who pay on time. So when you pay your invoice before the due date, we'll take 10%* off your energy charges.


One free move per year

Receive one free standard connection and disconnection per calendar year^


No commitment

An open contract means you don't have to sign up for any set time frame - you are free to come and go as you please.

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  • 27-product

    Lumo Advantage      

    • Up to 27%* early bird discount
    • Access to My Account
    • Exclusive customer shopping program
    • Competitive rates
  • Lumo Advantage Premium

    • Up to 30%* early bird discount
    • Access to My Account
    • Exclusive customer shopping program
    • Convenience of e-Billing
  • Lumo eDeal

    • eBilling, eWelcome Pack & Direct Debit
    • Stay in control with My Account
    • Exclusive customer shopping program
  • life

    Lumo Life 10

    • 27%* early bird discount
    • Exclusive customer shopping program
    • Invest in Australia's future
  • contract

    Lumo Options

    • Open contract
    • Flexible
    • No transfer fees
    • No commitment
  • basic

    Lumo Basic

    • Basic low rates
    • Access to My Account
    • No Contract term
    • No exit fees

*For eligible VIC residential customers who sign-up to Lumo Energy’s Movers product. Discount only applies to energy usage and daily supply charges based on our market rates, which are subject to change, when you pay in full by 5pm on the due date. 

^ "One Free Move" includes one standard reconnection and one standard disconnection per calendar year, up to the value of $100 combined for subsequent moves. To receive "One Free Move" you must continue on the Lumo Movers product at your new property and arrange the reconnection under the same account number.

Full Terms and Conditions and Price Fact Sheets can be found here