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1. Get an estimate and choose a product: Lumo Energy have a suite of products to offer you. Our products come with a selection of benefits such as great pay on time discounts and access to Lumo Ameego, our loyalty program.

2. What’s your new address? Tell us the address of your brand new home. Make sure the details are 100% correct so we connect the right house!

3. When do you need the power on? Let us know your move in date and we’ll make sure the power is on as soon as you walk in the door.*

Please note

If you are moving in less than three business days, please call us on 1300 926 153 to ensure your connection is completed before you move in. 
If you are moving in three or more business days, simply fill out the form below; give us a call or get an estimate and sign-up online now.

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*To arrange your electricity and gas to be switched on for your move in date, you must contact Lumo Energy 3 business days prior to your move in date. Connection fees apply.

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