Solar Energy

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What is solar energy?

Solar power is a type of renewable energy, in this case electricity, that is derived from a source that never runs out – the sun. Renewable energy is not only less intrusive to the planet in how it is generated but it also produces lower CO2 emissions than traditional energy generation methods.

Installing a solar energy system to your home can provide you with both environmental and personal benefits. Not only will you feel better about using electricity at home - if you produce enough electricity through your solar panel system, you will be eligible for a solar rebate through your energy retailer.

What is a feed-in tariff (FiT) and how does it work? 

For properties with a small-scale, renewable solar energy system, any excess electricity generated is fed back into the national power grid for other Australian households to use. The household or business is then reimbursed for supplying this renewable energy and this offset appears on their energy bill. 

The meter for all new solar connections combines the generation of the solar system and the household’s consumption and calculates the remaining units. Any remaining units will be credited as a credit on to the bill.

The solar energy produced will supply energy to any of your household appliances first and then any remaining units will be fed back into the grid. 

To learn about how to monitor your daily solar usage and generation, log into My Account and access the Energy Usage Tool. 

What is the rebate amount? 

The rebate amount you are eligible for depends on which tariff you are on. This may vary based on when you had your solar panels installed, whether you have moved house, receive a government and retailer contribution and what your retailer is currently offering towards your rebate.
Contact Lumo Energy to find out what current rebate is being offered. 

Will I require a new meter?

It depends on the type of meter you currently have. You may need a brand new meter or you can have have your existing meter reconfigured. For more information regarding metering, contact your electricity distributor.