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Electricity Transfer Fee Waiver

Waives the fee normally payable to electricity retailers when there is a change of occupancy at a property. The waiver is available to selected concession cardholders.

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Life Support Machine Concession

Provides a quarterly rebate on electricity bills where a concession cardholder, or member of a cardholder's household, uses life support machines such as oxygen concentrators or haemodialysis machines.

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Medical Cooling Concession

(previously Summer Multiple Sclerosis Concession)

This 17.5% discount on electricity costs is available between 1 November - 30 April.

The Medical Cooling Concession is available to concession cardholders with multiple sclerosis and medical conditions or diseases such as Parkinson's, motor neurone disease, scleroderma and lupus.

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No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

NILS provides a means for purchasing essential household items such as fridges, washing machines and medical appliances. The loan scheme primarily supports people whose sole sources of income are government benefits.

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Off-peak Concession

A 13% saving on the off-peak tariff on all quarterly electricity bills for eligible cardholders.

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Service to Property Charge Concession

Helps reduce the cost of energy supply charges for concession households with low electricity consumption.

The Service to Property Charge Concession is applied if the cost of electricity used is lower than the household's supply/service charge. The concession reduces this charge to the same price as the electricity usage cost.

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Winter Energy Concession

Provides a discount on electricity and gas bills issued during the 1 May - 31 October period. Additional details on these services are available through the Victorian Government's Department of Human Services.

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Community Buying Services

There are various community buying services that can help people experiencing financial difficulty. Community Buying Services can help locate the best available market price for essential household items such as washing machines, dryers or fridges. These services are available through various community groups for people currently experiencing financial difficulty.

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Financial Counsellors

Financial counselling and support is just one phone call away. Lumo Energy EASE team can provide you with free access to independent financial counsellors if you experience financial difficulty. You can also search online for a local financial counsellor.

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Payment Assistance

Lumo Energy accepts a range of bill payment options:

  • Online payment
  • BPAY
  • Direct debit
  • Centrepay
  • Cheque
  • Payment at Australia Post
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If you're finding it difficult to pay your energy bills on time, just let us know. Lumo Energy's EASE team can provide alternative payment options and payment plans customised to help you. We will personally assess your situation, helping to establish a fair and affordable payment solution to put your energy account back on track.