gas deregulation

1. Gas Production

The vast majority of Victoria's gas comes from the Gippsland Basin (Bass Strait). The rest comes from gas reserves in the Otway Basin and around Port Campbell in western Victoria. Gas is also supplied to Victoria via interconnection with New South Wales. Gas is produced and injected into the transmission system by the producers.

2. Gas Transmission

The gas transmission network transports gas from the gas producers to the major distribution points in Victoria through large trunk gas mains.

3. Local Gas Distribution

Your local Gas Distributor owns and manages the gas pipes that deliver gas to your home or business. Your current distributor is responsible for the quality and reliability of your gas supply. If you experience a gas leak or emergency, your local distributor is responsible for fixing it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your local distributor is also responsible for reading your gas meter. Usually, your gas meter is read every 2 months.

The quality and reliability of your gas supply does not change, regardless of which company sends you a bill for your energy usage.

4. Retail - Lumo Energy

We buy gas from the producers and send it to you through the existing gas connections to your home or business. We pay the local distributor for the use of their gas pipes and meters to transport our gas to you. We send you one convenient, easy-to-read bill every month for the electricity and gas that you use.