how does off-peak electricity work?

Most electricity providers offer heavily discounted rates for electricity consumed during off peak electricity times, giving you the chance to save money on your energy bill. Off peak electricity is provided during set times of the day when homes and businesses use a lot less electricity. Off peak electricity times are typically between 11pm and 7am.

what are off peak electricity times?

Electricity providers would prefer to provide a steady supply of electricity throughout the day and night, because the turbines that generate electricity cannot be easily turned on and off as we need power in our homes. People generally use most of their electricity during the morning and evening. To encourage people to use electricity during other times of the day, many providers offer cheaper electricity during periods known as off peak electricity times. In homes, off peak electricity is commonly used to heat water and can also be used to power other heating appliances that are able to store heat when not in use.

how do I access off peak electricity?

The type of meter you have in your home determines how you access off peak electricity:

  • Single Rate meters charge electricity at one rate and do not provide off peak electricity.
  • Interval or Time of Use meters charge electricity to your home at peak, off peak and shoulder rates.
  • Two Rate meters have two registers, one for peak and one for off peak, with two different rates charged for all electricity consumed during the two different time periods.
  • Controlled Load or Off Peak meters charge all electricity at one rate with the exception of a specified appliance, such as a hot water service, which is supplied electricity during off peak times and charged at off peak rate.

how do I know what type of meter I have?

You can find out what type of meter you have by calling your current energy retailer and providing your address. They should then be able to check their system to find out what type of meter is installed in your home.

how can I save money with off peak electricity?

You can significantly reduce your electricity rates at home by making sure that energy hungry appliances are used at off-peak electricity times. Hot water services, pool pumps and some heating appliances can work effectively overnight to store hot water, clean pool water, or store heat ready for use the next day. By restricting the use of these appliances to off peak times, you can dramatically reduce running costs. For Time of Use, Interval or Two Rate Meters, you can use automatic or manual timing systems to make sure your heating appliances are turned off or on during peak and off peak electricity times. For more handy tips on how to reduce your energy usage, check out our energy saving tips.