Becoming a Lumo Energy customer

becoming a customer

Whether you need a new energy account or want to switch your account to Lumo Energy, here’s what you can expect! 

So that we can provide you with information relevant to the state you live in please select from the options below.

Setting up your new account

 new account

During the first 10 days we will create a Lumo Energy account for you. If we have your email address we will email your account and connection details to you.

Next you will receive your Welcome Pack within 5 business days. The Welcome Pack details your new rates along with the Terms and Conditions. We recommend you take the time to read these.

Remember, you have a 10 business day ‘cooling off’ period. This begins the day after you receive your Welcome Pack. 

All done!

 all done


After your cooling off period ends, we will ensure your new electricity and/or gas meters are transferred to Lumo Energy.  To do this, we need to receive a meter reading from your Distributor. This usually happens within the first few weeks but could take up to 90 days.

Once your meter has been read and successfully transferred to Lumo Energy we will send you a confirmation letter for each fuel. This will also include information on concessions.

Congratulations! You are now an official Lumo Energy customer.

Did you know? How your meters are read



Your meters are read by your distributor and how long this process takes depends on them. Your distributor needs safe and easy access to your meter in order to get an actual meter reading.



Learning about My Account

 my account


Within the first few weeks we’ll send you an email introducing you to My Account. Please make yourself familiar with My Account – it’s the easy way to view and pay your bills.





Did you know? Why My Account is the easy way to manage your account

 manage my account


You can use My Account to update your account details, view and pay your bills.



Your first bill

 first bill


Depending on your preference, you will receive your bill by email or mail. In your first bill we will provide you with a Bill Explainer to help you understand your energy usage and charges. We have a range of Payment Options available.

How often you receive your bills from now on will depend on whether you have a ‘Smart’ Time of Use Meter or a Basic Meter.

We have created a handy information sheet: ‘Where does your money go? It explains how the industry works as well as providing you with a breakdown of a typical electricity bill.

Did you know? Actual vs Estimated Reading



Your energy distributor(s) will provide us with regular readings for your property. How often these readings are taken, and the type of read they provide us will determine whether you receive an actual reading or an estimated reading on your bill.

If you are registered for My Account you can submit a gas or electricity meter reading and view your meter reading history.






You will continue to receive your bills on a regular basis. If you have provided us with your email address and approval, we will also send you regular updates and information, exclusive discounts and information on competitions and promotions.

And, if your contact details change, you can always use My Account to update us.