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We think it's true that we have the whole world in our hands and at Lumo Energy, we want to hold on to the earth for as long as possible - it's a pretty great place to be!

Lumo Energy works hard to ensure that we provide the best service possible while maintaining environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Lumo Life package.

We have teamed up with GreenPower to offer you our Lumo Life 10 package. You can opt to have 10% of your energy usage generated by renewable energy sources like wind, water, solar or biomass. You'll pretty much be able to call yourself Captain Planet. Your service won't change; it just means that Lumo Energy buys more green power from renewable green energy sources on your behalf - and you get a whole lot of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Green Power


Lumo Energy give you the chance to save some trees by having your bills emailed to you instead of printed and mailed. With 'My Account', you can jump online and review past bills, log actual readings and view all your account details.

being green is super rewarding.

Are you generating a form of green energy from sources such as solar, wind, hydro or biomass generators?

In Victoria, households that operate small-scale, renewable green energy systems will receive more than just awesome karma in return. Any generated green power that is not used by the household is fed back into the national power grid and will earn an offset and reimbursement (the details of which will appear on your bill).

Find out more about our electricity buy back program.

Download the Victorian Lumo Energy FiT application form

Download the South Australian Feed-in Tariff (FiT) application form (Form A).

energy saving tips.

Being great at saving energy does not take much, well - energy! Check out our easy energy saving tips.