“Yarra Valley Pasta is an institution” – Matt Preston


Lumo has gone a step further as the major partner of Flavour Exchange spring, launching the Regional Showcase which will shine a spotlight on the Yarra Valley.  This means producers that may not have been able to take part, can now make it to the CBD and have their product tasted and purchased by crowds drawn to the event.

“Lumo has taken a real hands-on approach to support our local producers and sent 17 staff to the Yarra Valley to help producers pick, make and pack their respective produce.  One of these producers is the family run Yarra Valley Pasta, founded by The Colaneri Family in May 1997,” said Caroline Ryan, founder and director at integrated marketing studio Dig+Fish, who operate the quarterly event.

yarra valley pasta 

A family of visionaries, the Colaneri family has steadfastly pursued a simple philosophy: to make delicious, high quality pasta products while following an artisan approach to their craft, based on the unique culinary traditions learned from their Italian ancestors.

They pride themselves in creating products with genuine flavours from the Molise region of Italy. Only the finest ingredients are used in their pasta, gnocchi, ravioli and sauces.  Their house made products are preservative, colour and filler free.  You’ll find their traditional and gourmet options used at leading restaurants in Melbourne and of are course available for purchase by the public.  As Matt Preston says, “Yarra Valley Pasta is an institution”.

Join Lumo Energy and support Flavour Exchange at Federation Square on Thursday, 3 and Friday, 4 September from 4:30pm to 8:30pm each night. Savour the best of the state, if not Australia, to sample a host of flavours and buy seasonal dishes and drinks direct from the producers – putting the profits back in the pockets of Victorian farmers and makers.

You’ll discover other boutique producers from the Yarra Valley including Cunliffe & Waters, Adam’s Farms, Medhurst Winery, together with new producers including Cuvee Chocolate, Sam Miranda King Valley premium wines and Bromley Wines from Geelong and Sticky Balsamic dressings.

Tickets are on sale now at www.ticketek.com.au for $33.13. Discounts are available for groups and LUMO Energy customers can also enjoy a 20% discount to the spring event, by entering the password LUMO.

Further to its support of the event, Lumo Energy would like to offer Flavour Exchange producers an exclusive energy package to help them save and simplify life. By bundling your home and business energy you could receive up to $250 credit.  For more information visit lumoenergy.com.au/flavour or call 1300 931 618


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Date: 11 August 2015
Category: Lumo Community

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