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The Light in Winter 2015

Federation Square – free events until 21 June

As winter descends upon Melbourne, the Light in winter, now in its ninth year, will warm the heart of the city with a free program of art, music and performance at Federation Square. 

winter lights reg 

This year’s program, which coincides with The International Year of Light, brings together local and international artists to celebrate both modern light forms as well as the oldest sources of human created light in a series of free events, exhibitions, screenings, performances and exhibitions.  It will all culminate in the much loved cultural merriment of the Solstice Celebration on 20 June.

The 2015 program continues its rich cultural pathways with the third and final series of Square of Light.  It will be a feast for the senses, featuring contemporary ideas through to the traditional, highlights include:

Chris Levine’s Molecule of Light, a transformative visual sensation. From eight metres above the ground, lasers will converge upon a central acrylic sphere from three different angles.  The resultant light forms will burst into a series of shapes and colours that will radiate out across the Square.

molecule of light 

The Leempeeyt Weeyn campfire celebrates the oldest form of human created light.  The fire will burn for 24 hours a day as it hosts a week of fireside performances and activations from DJ’s to dancers.

The interactive Lala Lullaby installation by Pippa Willison and Richard Allen is a giant knitted egg driven by the swinging motion of the egg producing multilayered, synthesised, quadraphonic soundscape and light display.

A great interactive feature will be PERSONWATCH where you can step through a giant set of headphones to take a self-guided audio tour exploring our favourite pastime of people watching.

There is so much to see, do, enjoy and engage in at The Light in winter 2015, or program details visit

Date: 16 June 2015
Category: Lumo Community

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