Why Waste your energy?

Lumo Energy has created a list of handy and easy to action tips to save you money and of course the planet will love you for it.  This posts looks at heating and lighting, we’ll be posting more great tips very soon.

The key thing to keep in mind is if it’s not in use, turn off the juice.


On average across Australia, 40 per cent of the energy we use at home is for heating and cooling. This doesn't include heating hot water 1..

The trick to effective heating is keeping the warm air contained.  Close doors to only heat the rooms you are using.

Draughts in the home account for up to 25% of heat loss 1.  You can easily block a majority of draughts with door snakes, draught excluders, strips or seals.

Set your thermostat to 18-20 degrees in winter for the most energy efficient heating.  Each degree higher could add 10% to your energy bill 1..

You can lose up to 20% of your home’s heat through bare windows 1.  To prevent heat being drawn out through your windows, make sure they’re covered with curtains or blinds that are a snug fit on all sides. 

Better still; double glazed windows are great at keeping the heat in and the cold out.  Good insulation in your ceilings and walls greatly reduces heat loss and can help you save up to 45% on your heating costs 1.

More winter warmer savings are available

Lighting up your home

Lighting up your home with LED instead of incandescent and halogen  lights could reduce your lights’ energy consumption by up to 80% 1.

Good quality LED and CFL lights last for about 6000 to 8000 hours, whereas incandescent bulbs generally only last for around 1000 to 2000 hours 1.

And remember to switch your lights off when you leave a room and always go natural wherever possible… natural light that is!


‘Seize the power’ provides additional ways to help you manage you energy consumption and save, it highlights the devices on the market that help you take charge of energy use.

These simple but effective tips can be practiced by everyone in the home and more are available.


1Victorian Government:  http://sustainability.vic.gov.au

* The advice provided is indicative only and individual circumstances will affect results.


Date: 9 July 2015
Category: Lumo Community | Energy Facts

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