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It’s Lumos’ year! Well, sort of…


The United Nations (UN) General Assembly 68th Session proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies (IYL 2015).

What does the International Year of Light mean for Lumo Energy?

It’s in our name. The term ‘lumo’ is derived from the Latin word ‘lumen’ meaning light. Its plural form is ‘lumi’ which you may recognize in light-related words such as illuminate and luminous.

Light is central to our business and to our modern lives. Where we once had to rely on daylight hours or fire, energy to power light now enters straight into our homes and businesses through a network of cables and wires. It’s even on our mobile phones and devices thanks to battery and microchip technology.

We’re proud to be bringing light to Australians’ modern lives, and in the spirit of IYL 2015 we’ll be celebrating what light means us and the important roles it plays every day. Keep up to date on this blog or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see what we’re up to!

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About the International Year of Light

The initiative of scientific bodies together with UNESCO will bring together many different stakeholders including scientific societies and unions, educational institutions, technology platforms, non-profit organizations and private sector partners.

The United Nations has recognized the importance of raising global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health. Light plays a vital role in our daily lives and is an imperative cross-cutting discipline of science in the 21st century. It has revolutionized medicine, opened up international communication via the Internet, and continues to be central to linking cultural, economic and political aspects of the global society.

For more information, facts and figures and resources about the International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies 2015, visit

Date: 9 January 2015
Category: Lumo Community

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