What is Green Energy?

At Lumo Energy we love our planet and we know that you do too! So for all the planet lovers out there, we have Green Energy packages to suit your needs – and your budget too. Offering two different Green Energy packages – Lumo Life 10 & Lumo Life 100 – you have the option to be planet friendly when using your energy.

So what exactly makes green energy so GREEN? Green Energy is derived from renewable sources, meaning the energy comes from sources that never run out, such as the sun, wind, biomass (waste), wave power or hydro (tidal power). Not only is green energy kinder to the planet because the sources will never run out, but the energy produced is also less harmful to the Earth, generating less air pollution.

So now you know what green energy is, how does it work? The answer is: exactly the same as your current electricity supply. The only difference is that instead of non-renewable energy sources feeding into the grid, Lumo Energy will purchase energy from renewable sources on your behalf to feed into the grid that powers your home. Have a look at this oh-so easy to read diagram below.

how green power works

Convinced that Green Energy is the way to go? Our Green Energy is Government accredited, so you know it’s the real deal when you see these logos.

10% green power100% green power

Choose from Lumo Life 10 or Lumo Life 100. What’s the difference?

Lumo Life 10
10% of your total energy supply is derived from renewable sources. This is the best way to go if you are on a strict budget but still want to make our planet happy.

Lumo Life 100
100% of your total energy supply is derived from renewable sources. This package is great for people who love all things green and want to help our planet shine!

Still have more questions? Visit GreenPower to find out more.

Date: 28 September 2010
Category: Lumo Community | Membership Benefits

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