A tribute to Sons of the West

-Western Bulldogs unique health campaign-

Lumo Energy is very excited to announce its partnership with The Western Bulldogs.  We are extremely proud to be associated with a club that gives so much back to the community.  The Western Bulldogs, one of 18 clubs in the Australian Football League (AFL), is a dynamic organisation that is committed to excellence both on and off the football field.

While the core business at the Western Bulldogs is football, off-field it is just as focused on its work in the community, earning it the reputation as being the Community Club of the AFL.  A great example of this is its development of a Men’s Health Program, in 2014. This program is designed to promote health and prevent disease in men aged 18 + living or working in the West of Melbourne

Sons of the West is the result of this vision – an innovative free health program aimed at engaging up to 2,000 men across the West of Melbourne in simple, healthy activities aimed at boosting their health. No-nonsense, easy to access activities aimed at improving awareness and general health levels – no boot camps; no marathons; no extremes – more fun than pain. It’s  a 12-week program to help men live healthier, eat healthier and drop a shirt size.  This is an opportunity for blokes in the community to get together with their mates and make some simple changes that will improve their health and get them in the game of life.  For more information on the program click here

Sons Of The West

The Club has recently entered the Virgin Australia Film Festival, and as a proud partner we are helping the club garner support to help the Club’s push towards victory.

The short-film is a heart-warming story of Chris, a life-long Bulldogs member, and how through the support of the Club’s “Sons of the West” Men’s Health program, and with a surprise visit from the players, he’s started to turn his life around. The video is a great showcase of some of the Club’s work in the community, and specifically the power of the “Sons of the West” Men’s Health Program to help people to make positive lifestyle and health changes in their lives.

How you can help the Club to win is simple. Follow the link below, watch the video, then share, like and/or comment on the dedicated post on the Virgin Australia Facebook Page with the Bulldogs video embedded.

The video and the Facebook post can be found at http://virg.co/FilmFestBulldogs  

Date: 28 August 2014
Category: Lumo Community

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