Seven quirky ways to keep cool this summer

summer heat

With the days rapidly heating up, we’ve come up with a few unconventional ways to cool down that won’t bump up your power bill.

1. Freeze, fan, repeat

Create your own air-con without the price tag by freezing bottles of water and placing them in front of your rotating fan. The air from the fan will be lightly chilled and you will have a delicious cold bottle of water to drink once it melts!

2. A cold, minty combo

Make your mouth a cool paradise by chewing minty gum then drinking a glass of icy cold water. Your taste buds will send cooling signals up to your brain, ensuring that you stay fresh and cool when the mercury rises.

3. Summer-fy your hot water bottle

Just because its winter doesn’t mean your hottie should be relegated to the cupboard! Fill it halfway with water and keep let it freeze in the freezer, after a few hours wrap it in a towel and pop into your bed before you get in. Have a couple of backups stashed in the freezer to replace throughout the night as they lose their cool.

4. Peppermint fresh

Chill a spray bottle full of peppermint tea and use as a face mist to cool down quickly. Not only will it leave you smelling amazing, it’s also great for your skin.

5. Get low, drop it like it’s hot

Hot air rises, so make like a reptile and drop to the ground – eat picnic style in the backyard or the lounge, change from the couch to the floor when watching TV, and slide your mattress onto the floor at night. If your bedroom isn’t at ground level, consider moving into a lower level room in heatwaves, or sleep outside if you have access to a safe outdoor area.

6. Cool as a cucumber

Cucumbers have wonderful cooling properties, so simply slice one up and put on your eyes and pressure points to cool down.

7. De-lectrify

Turn off and unplug all your electronics – not only will this save you a bit on your bill, but it will also remove the heat generated by the electricity in all your appliances – every little bit helps.


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Date: 27 January 2015
Category: Energy Facts | Lumo Community

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