Understanding Your Lumo Energy Invoice

Are all those numbers on your energy invoice making your head spin? Never fear! Lumo Energy is here! (to help explain exactly what all those numbers mean). We have put together some handy video tutorials to guide you through our invoices and help you understand what all those numbers on the back mean.

Introducing your Lumo Energy Invoice

Your Account Number, account balance and invoice due date are all displayed at the top right hand corner of your invoice along with our contact details. The account summary can be seen on the front page, giving you a breakdown of costs including electricity charges, gas charges (only applicable in Victoria) and any other charges that you may have incurred. The first page also includes a handy graph of your previous energy usage.

The payment slip is located at the bottom of the invoice, simply tear this out and bring it to your closest post office to make a payment. Other payment options are listed on the back of this page.

How your Energy Usage is Measured

Your invoice may be based on an actual read, where the meter man comes to read your meter, or it could be based on an estimated read based on the usage history of the residence.  After an actual read occurs (one is taken every three months for elelctricity), your invoice is then adjusted and may be more expensive, or cheaper, depending on the difference between the estimated and actual read.

Hopefully our handy tutorials have helped shed some shiny light on all invoice related queries you may have had. We have new tutorials coming online soon, so keep posted and remember to visit our website for regular updates.

Date: 10 November 2010
Category: Lumo Community

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