Understanding your energy bill can help make life easier

To help its customers better understand their energy bill and what can create the changes in costs, Lumo Energy has created a really useful reference.  The guide provides you with a breakdown of your gas and electricity bill, what the charges relate to, outlines the billing cycles and addresses ‘My Account’, an easy way to manage your energy. 

You’ll find these key pointers will demystify your bill.

Higher energy bills

One of the key concerns for customers is when their bill is higher than their average energy bill; this can be caused by a number of reasons including:

• A longer billing cycle.  How many days the bill is for compared to your last bill?

• Dramatic weather changes can affect your bill, leading you to use your heater or air conditioner more.

•What type of bill is it?  Is it an estimation or actual reading? 

• Is the bill for electricity or gas or is it an electricity and gas bill combined?

• Having additional people at the property. More people = more usage.

• Have you been at the property more than the previous month?

Billing cycles

Did you know the state you live in determines how frequently you receive your energy bill?  In Victoria, you will receive your electricity bill each month if you have an active smart meter and your gas bill every two months.  In all other states, you will receive your electricity bill every three months and your gas bill every two months.   So some months you may receive your electricity and gas bill together.

The guide to understanding your Lumo Energy bill also addresses the benefits of joining ‘My Account’,  the different rates you are charged, your usage as well as where your money goes when paying a bill, i.e. energy retailers receive approximately 10-15% of your bill.

Date: 2 October 2015
Category: Energy Facts

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