Tips for getting VIP service from your energy retailer

Lumo Energy also works with businesses and we focus on supporting SME’s.  We have created a few tips to help SME’s gain more value from their respective energy retailer as shared at Hospitality Magazine

The following information can be applied to a variety of business sectors. 

As a restaurant or hospitality business owner it can often seem like you are always servicing other people and receiving little service back in return -even when you are the one picking up the tab.

Where your energy retailer is concerned; average customer service, jargon and lack of transparency can make for a frustrating customer experience.  As a paying customer it can make you feel like you are just an account number  with no thought for your business and managing the bills. Where is the service and value for money?

To help you gain more value from your energy retailer, we have put together three easy to implement steps. 

Whilst they won’t get you VIP service everywhere, they can help where your energy is concerned by improving your relationship with your energy retailer, giving you greater visibility over your usage, and hopefully providing you with an opportunity to reduce your energy bill as a result.

  1. Ensure you are with an energy retailer who values you as a customer, and cares about your business. You can then feel confident you are getting the most competitive price for the service you are provided, from a retailer who understands your business struggles and is happy to help you through any problems, should they arise.
  2. Talk with your energy retailer and find out how your billing works and what your payment options are. That way, you won’t get any surprise bills landing on your desk at the same time you have to pay for a large product order.  This will help you to better manage your outgoings and ensure you can afford to pay other suppliers on time, too.
  3. Select an energy retailer who makes things easy. There is nothing more frustrating than calling to discuss your bill, then being told by a recorded voice that the business is closed.  Partner with an energy retailer who can offer you online accessibility to your account.  This will ensure you are not working around someone else’s schedule, and helps you take control of your account and enjoy increased visibility.

As a challenger to the big three in the energy industry, Lumo Energy wants to make a difference to how businesses manage their energy bills.

To do this, Lumo has created a competitive offer, its Business Premium product.  It offers competitive energy rates, flexible billing options and a personal ‘My Account’ for your business, which makes viewing and paying your bills easy.

As well as giving you 24 hour access to your online account, Lumo Energy- proudly based in Australia, offer dedicated Account Managers, who are experts in the energy industry.

Do take a look at Lumo's Business packages to find out how switching could help your business.  

Date: 6 October 2014
Category: Lumo Community

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