Save up to $338 per year on your energy bills.

Australian households could be saving up to $338 per year on their energy bill.  Small change can add up to big savings.

We've identified three energy guzzlers that sneakily eat away at your electricity usage.  All it takes to make significant savings is; a flick of the switch at the wall, washing in cold water and drying clothes outside.  These tips are just a starting point; more can be saved as illustrated in energy saving videos:

One unexpected energy-hungry appliance is the gaming console, 93% of Australian families own one. Turning the gaming console off at the wall instead of pressing the power button can save approximately $160 per year on the electricity bill. Standby power is a key source of hidden energy use that can amount to more than 10% of your household electricity use.3

Wash your clothes in cold water and you can save approximately $115 a year.2  About 80% of energy in a warm wash is associated with heating water, and a cold wash uses less than one quarter of the energy used in a warm wash.

cold wash

After the clothes have been through the wash, avoid the urge to throw them in the dryer. Instead, use the power of nature’s dryer, the sun and wind together with one of Australia’s greatest inventions, the hills hoist, to have fresh, dry clothes and save approximately $63 per year on electricity costs.3 

“These tips and more are featured in a series of energy saving videos Lumo Energy has created featuring popular Australian television identity, Glenn Ridge.  The videos are a guide to saving on your energy bill and focus on easy to action changes that can have a real impact on your energy bill,” said Tim Harrington, Executive General Manager of Marketing and Sales at Lumo Energy. 

Check out the full list of Lumo's Energy saving tips and videos here

The advice provided is indicative only and individual circumstances will affect results.
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Date: 14 August 2014
Category: Energy Facts

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