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For the DIYers out there, online shoppers and the movers and renters, Lumo Energy has pulled together a few key things to keep in mind to keep safe around the home. 

Are you moving home?

  • When moving into a new home, it's important to know when the gas and electrical heaters were last serviced. And you are well within your rights to ask for documentation to prove it.
  • Landlords and home owners have to record all safety checks and work carried out on all gas or electrical installations.
  • Gas heaters need to be serviced at a minimum of every 2 years. If not serviced regularly, gas heaters can pollute a home with dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide. High levels of carbon monoxide are very dangerous and many cause people to pass out or even die. Children and the elderly are most at risk.

Are you renovating?

  • If you are renovating your house or landscaping in the back yard, you need to know where the underground pipes and cables are placed. There are strict laws surrounding damage to cables or pipes and tough penalties apply no matter if the damage is deliberate or accidental. So before you take the shovel to the backyard, 'Dial Before You Dig', this is a free national community service that can help you avoid damage to underground pipes and cables. Dial 1100 or visit:

Checking your lights and appliances.

The lights and appliances in our homes have become part of our every day lives. To ensure appliances are operating at their safest and best, here are a few do's and don'ts to consider. 

  • DO service appliances in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • DO check electric blankets at the start of each winter for frayed wires or damaged plugs.  
  • DON'T touch or attempt to repair a loose, cracked or broken power point switch. Call a licensed electrician. 
  • DON'T use an ageing or faulty electrical appliance.
  • DON'T spray household cleaners, detergents and insecticides on electrical accessories.

It's important to ALWAYS purchase safety approved gas and electrical appliances. In order to use gas and electrical appliances in Australia, they must be tested and certified by a recognised organisation.If you decided to purchase gas or electrical appliances online, it's important to ask for the certification details including:

  • The certification label
  • The approving organisation
  • The certification number
Buying gas and electrical appliance from overseas sources online isn't recommended because they don't have the Australian safety certification.

We hope these tips will be helpful for next time your moving home, renovating or upgrading your household appliances. Stay tuned for some more great tips around safety and your home. 


Advice provided is indicative only and individual circumstances will affect results. For further information on energy saving tips, please visit the websites listed below.



Date: 22 September 2014
Category: Lumo Community

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