The Red Shield Appeal


This year The Red Shield Appeal is focusing on homelessness and we’re encouraging our customers to show their support by volunteering or donating as we lead up to the Salvos Doorknock weekend on 30 & 31 May.

There are more than 105,000 people in Australia who currently don’t have a secure and safe place to live.

Loss of employment, family break down and sudden illness can potentially push a family or individual to breaking point, which often results in homelessness.  Everyday 2000 people are provided with crisis accommodation and every night blankets, food, and emotional support is offered to hundreds of people sleeping rough through The Salvation Army.

The Salvos are dedicated to helping people in need and have proudly done so internationally for 150 years.   In addition to offering invaluable services, it also raises awareness about the issues facing individuals and families and part of this is dispelling the misconceptions that are held especially in the case of homelessness.

Homelessness: Myth vs. Fact

  • MYTH - 41% of Australians think choice, laziness, stupidity, being a failure, not working hard or being a freeloader are contributing factors to homelessness
  • MYTH - The perception is financial difficulty (19%), drug abuse (16%), mental illness (14%) and alcohol abuse (13%) are the main contributors to homelessness
  • FACT -  56% of homeless people are men and 44% are women
  • FACT - 60% of homeless people are under the age of 35
  • FACT - 53% of women accessing Salvation Army services reported family breakdown/domestic violence as the main reason for seeking support for homelessness
  • FACT - Over 20% of clients seeking support from The Salvation Army have been diagnosed with a mental health issue

The Salvation Army continues to commit resources to the many pathways that lead to homelessness and volunteers are integral to this.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Red Shield Appeal.  Anyone in Victoria who is able to commit a few hours of their time to support the community will have a real impact on the lives of others, with funds raised from the Appeal going directly back into our programs and services,” said The Salvation Army Media Director, Dr Bruce Redman.

Lumo Energy is honoured to support The Salvation Army and help it raise awareness and funds for its  homelessness campaign in 2015, for which they aim to raise $74 million this year.

Visit the Salvos’ website to find out more about how you can get involved in this year’s campaign and HELP END HOMELESSNESS NOW.

Date: 20 May 2015
Category: Media | Lumo Community

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