Moving with pets

Moving from familiar surroundings can not only be hard for you and your family but for your pets as well. Animals tend to get very accustomed to their surroundings and it can take them a while to familiarise themselves with a new home. The most dangerous problem your pet will face is trying to escape from your new house or getting lost trying to find their old territory.

Here at Lumo Energy, we have provided several helpful tips to help your pets adjust with the move:

Prior to the move:

  • Make sure your pets’ routines are kept as normal as possible prior to the move. Treat them with the same level of attention as you normally would.
  • Do not pack your pets’ toys, bedding and other equipment until the last moment, so they are comforted by the presence of familiar things.
  • If you are moving locally, take your dog to the local parks or go for walks around the area prior to the move so they start to become comfortable with the area.  
  • Be sure to notify your vet and let them know you are moving. If you need to transfer your pets to another vet, make sure you transfer all their details as well. 
  • Don’t forget to change the registration of your pets through your local council. 
  • If you are moving interstate and air travel is needed, make sure you research the different airlines and pet transportation companies to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements. For more information about flying with pets, visit Jet Pets.

During the move:

  • If your dog or cat is not used to traveling in the car for long distances, you will need to make several stops to ensure they are comfortable. Take your dog for a short walk. Make sure your pets have a familiar item or a favourite toy with them during the trip, something to help reduce stress and confusion.
  • Remember to use a pet-carrier for safety and security reasons. All cats and small dogs need to be transported in one of them. 
  • When you get to the new house, do not just let your pets roam aimlessly, confine them to one room at first and slowly throughout the house.
  • Make sure your pets bedding and favourite toys are readily available to them in the new house so they have familiar surroundings.
  • During the move, it might be best to leave your animal with a friend or relative to reduce the amount of stress placed on your pet.
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Date: 29 September 2014
Category: Moving Home

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