Moving with kids

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful task; however the degree of pressure can be especially overwhelming for children.  For them, moving signifies the loss of friends, changing a familiar routine and a move from a safe environment. However, if the move is planned and children are involved throughout the whole process, it can reduce levels of anxiety among children.

At Lumo Energy we want to make the move as simple as possible for you, so we have provided the following tips to make the whole process as smooth as possible:

Prior to the move

  • Talk about it, be honest and open with your children about the move
  • Provide them with as much notice as possible, so they can start adjusting
  • Go house hunting with the kids
  • Get their opinion on houses, suburbs, rooms – even if you show them online or through photos
  • Give them a chance to start thinking about what their room is going to look like
  • In preparation for the big moving day, ask your kids to pack a box with all their essentials – favourite toy, sheets, toothbrush, pyjamas and other must-haves
  • Show the move as a positive change – it is beneficial to the family as a whole
  • Help your teenagers stay connected – arrange for them to meet with friends before the move and ask them to invite friends to the new house
  • Preparing to say goodbye – Make sure you allow your kids to have plenty of time to say goodbye to neighbours, school friends and other familiar places.
Moving Day

  • Make sure everything is planned out in advance to help reduce the stress on the big day.
  • Make sure you’ve all had plenty of sleep to eliminate tired cranky kids!
  • If you have children under 5, if possible, use a babysitter.  It will allow you to get things done quicker and you won’t have the stress of constantly having to watch them.
  • Prepare plenty of snacks for the children and for yourself
  • Make the move a fun activity, put a positive light on it and encourage the children to help out where they can:  labelling the boxes, packing boxes, ensuring the boxes are in the right rooms on arrival

Visit Lumo's Moving House page to learn more about our moving home discounts and how we can make sure your gas and electricity are on for you the day you move in. Read our Handy Moving Tips on how to stay organised during your move.

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Date: 25 September 2014
Category: Moving Home

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