Moving to Victoria - 10 things you need to know

Planning to move to Victoria? The below tips will help prepare yourself on living within Victoria.

1. Get in touch

When you’re moving to Victoria, you’ll want to get in the loop with the latest local news. Find out about your new TV stations, radio stations and newspapers:

2. The road rules

There are a few unique road rules in Victoria. For example, it’s legal to do a U-turn at traffic lights (unless marked otherwise) and, in Melbourne, sometimes you’ll need to turn right from the left lane.

3. Get your car on the books

Get your car on the road in Victoria. You’ll need to change your car rego, roadside assistance membership and sign up for a toll road account. You’ll also need to change you address on your existing drivers licence with your current state road authority.

4. Trams, trains and buses

Victoria and Melbourne boast an excellent public transport system. You’ll need to buy a myki card to get around as there are no cash machines or fare collectors. Trams, trains and buses are regularly policed by ticket inspectors, so make sure you have your card and it’s topped up.

5. This sporting life

Sport is the unofficial religion in Victoria. If you’re moving to Victoria, you might want to find out about AFL, the A League, the Australian Open, the F1 Australian Grand Prix, and the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. Lots of people follow the AFL, or the A League so you might want to choose a team to follow. If your home city already has an AFL or A League team, perhaps choose them.

6. Food

Victoria’s other religion is food. Home of Australia’s best coffee, Victorians love their cafes, restaurants, bars, markets, delis and wineries.

7. The great outdoors

Another perk of moving to Victoria is the beautiful scenery. Get outside and see Victoria’s beautiful beaches, mountains, forests and countryside. Here are just a handful of the hundreds of stunning places to see:

  • The Great Ocean Road – a spectacular stretch of southern coast, famous for the Twelve Apostles and towns like Lorne and Apollo Bay
  • Wilson’s Promontory – a beautiful headland of national park, with famous beaches and bushwalks
  • The Alpine Region – skiing in the winter and stunning bushwalks in the summer
  • Grampians – an unusual and beautiful national park in the west of Victoria
  • Yarra Valley – home of wineries and good food

8. Public holidays

Victoria has a couple of unique public holidays, both for sporting events. The Melbourne Cup and the AFL Grand Final both have dedicated public holidays.

9. Music and culture

Famous for its live music scene, it’s worth getting to know your local pubs, bars, music venues and festivals. Equally famous for its arts scene, there are plenty of galleries, theatres and other events to see.

10. Buying property

If you’re looking to buy a property in Victoria, there are a few things to consider other than your mortgage repayments. Get advice from your lawyer and read more about differences in stamp duty and local laws. The below guides can help you get started:

Additional Moving Tips.

Date: 18 November 2015
Category: Lumo Community

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