Healthy lunch box ideas for kids

It's that time of the year again: the holidays have flown by and the kids are back at school next week. This means making the school lunches and trying to think of healthier lunchbox items that the kids will actually eat…. And with so many restrictions on what you can put in your kids lunchboxes these days it can makes things even harder.

It’s important to try and pack your kids healthy snacks and lunches to give them the energy they need to stay on top of their schoolwork and to be able to concentrate the whole day. But trying to make healthy foods appealing for kids can be tricky: So, we have done the hard work for you, we’ve created some yummy and innovative lunch time treats that your kids will love you for.

Fruit Salad – Yummy Yummy

fruit salad

Instead of putting a whole piece of fruit like an apple or banana into their lunch boxes, make some fruit salad. Strawberry's, kiwi fruit, and watermelon make a delicious healthy snack no matter what age you are and chopping them into bite size pieces will make it easier for the little ones.

You can try freezing them too - chop up all the fruit the night before and put it in a freezer container, then freeze it overnight. You can chop up enough to get you through the week and just take out what you need each day. The fruit will stay nice and fresh and stay cool on those hot summers days.

Shaped sandwiches


Forget boring square sandwiches, get your hands on any regular cookie cutter and create some fun shapes, like heartwiches!!! This is a great way to add some fun to the lunch box all the while offering a fulfilling meal: You can even cut the lunch meat, cheese and salad ingredients to fit! Try adding avocado or cream cheese as an alternative to butter for extra health benefits too.

Mini Muffins

Maybe it’s because they’re smaller than us, but for some reason kids just can’t get enough of “mini” anything and mini muffins make the perfect healthy lunch box ideas. Make some mini banana muffins to send to school and experiment with the different flavours and leftovers in the fridge. Use those old bananas for banana muffins or grate in the leftover vegies for savoury muffins.

For more great ideas, Stay at Home Mum have a wide range of excellent recipes to last you an entire school term. 

If you have a recipe you would like to share, we would love to hear them! Email us at and we’ll looking at posting it on our blog.


Date: 3 October 2014
Category: Lumo Community

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