Lumo Energy Goes Mobile

Lumo Energy goes mobileLumo Energy has launched its mobile site, perfect for those on the move and those who can’t put their smart-phone down.

These days it seems that smart-phones have become the norm, you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone glued to their fancy little smart-phone surfing the web, using social applications or playing Angry Birds and it is not just the young generation Y’ers, everyone is guilty of it.

According to Neilson, a whole heap of Aussies are using smart-phones, 43% of the population to be exact.  This means the internet is at their fingertips wherever they go (or wherever they have coverage). Lumo Energy receives over 2,000 visits from people on mobile devices each month.

To keep with the times and help make the mobile experience for our visitors more enjoyable we have launched our very own mobile site.  Though it is a simplified version of the Lumo Energy website, the mobile site does not lack functionality, visitors are able to perform the majority of tasks they would on the parent site, these include:

  • Switching to Lumo Energy – for people who want to take advantage of our great energy rates and membership benefits.

  • Moving with Lumo Energy – people can let us know they are moving via our mobile moving form so we can organise the connections to their new home.

  • Making a payment – pay your invoices through our secure online payment portal, don’t forget you can use your American Express and earn points for paying.

  • Emergency Contacts – perfect for when there is an electricity or gas emergency, after all its hard to sit down at a computer if your power has gone out.

  • Business Enquiry – ask us questions about what we can do for your business and have a commercial specialist get in touch.

So next time you are on your phone surfing the net visit us at Lumo Energy and let us know your thoughts on our mobile site.

Date: 19 May 2011
Category: Membership Benefits | uncategorized

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