How to handle the holiday downtime without going stir crazy

lumo energy holiday downtime

Most of us have a list of things to do that just seems to keep growing throughout the year, whether it’s major chores around the house or more pleasurable activities, such as visiting an art gallery or taking in a winery out of town. Well, the Christmas/New Year break is a great time to start ticking a few of these things off the list, before you start the new list for the year ahead. 

1. Tackle at least one major chore

‘Oh no’ we hear you say, not that! Yet knocking off at least one of these big household chores over the break will help you start the year with a slightly cleaner slate and a great sense of accomplishment. So, whether it’s sprucing up your home office, clearing out the garden shed or finishing that outdoor pizza oven you started last summer, spend just one day of your holiday getting stuck into it. The benefits to your mental well-being will be huge, and you might even get inspired to tick another chore off your list. 

2. Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Do a bit of research and plan a day out to somewhere you’ve never been before, whether it’s down the coast for a dip or a walk through the bush to a waterfall. Perhaps it’s a trip to a wildlife park with the kids, or a long lunch with friends at a country pub you’ve heard about but never taken time out to visit. Basically, it’s whatever takes your fancy, just make sure you do at least one thing out of the ordinary, so returning to work doesn’t seem like such an anti-climax.

3. Take up a new hobby

The Christmas/New Year downtime is a good chance to start that hobby you’ve been talking about for the past 12 months. Whether it’s learning to crochet, mountain biking, cooking wood-fired pizza in your recently completed oven, or even beekeeping, set yourself the task of getting the groundwork in place to turn your new hobby into a passion that sustains you throughout the year. Once you’ve got started on your hobby, you’ll probably begin to wonder how you ever lived without it.

4. Expand your cooking repertoire 

Spend a bit of time flicking through old cookbooks or browsing recipe sites for meals that take you out of your comfort zone, utilising the huge variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Given the weather, you might like to experiment with the BBQ, extending your abilities beyond snags and chops into seafood or vegetarian. Or perhaps you want to venture into Asian, South American or Middle Eastern cooking, all of which are perfect fare for summer time meals. Once you’ve mastered a few new dishes, why not ask some friends around for meal, making the most of the balmy weather and the chance to sleep in the next day. 

5. Break a habit & start a new one

Popular wisdom has it that it takes 21 days to break a habit (and the same amount of time to start a new one), although in reality it can take a bit longer or, for some people, only a few days. Clearly, it very much depends how bad the habit and how long you’ve had it. Whatever the case, keeping that 21-day deadline in your head is a good incentive, as three weeks isn’t all that much time in the larger scheme of things. So, whether you have one, two or three weeks off over the break, use the time to kick a habit you've been wanting to be rid of and start a new one — something like going for a walk every morning or starting the day with a green smoothie. While this may not sound like much, putting a couple of healthy activities in place will soon take over from those less healthy activities, and before long you’ll find yourself with a habit that you’re more than happy to keep

Date: 19 December 2017
Category: Lumo Community

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