lumo energy appliances

Behind the scenes with the Lumo Appliances – Part 1

You’ve probably seen these guys around the place, celebrating special events, appearing in some of our favourite movie scenes and cracking a few electrifying jokes. But who are the real characters behind the public face of the Lumo Appliances? Here, you’ll find out all about Fan, Lamp, Toaster and Blender, and what they’re like when they’re not on screen…
Spring into September

Spring into September: 6 events to inspire you to get out & about

Spring is upon us, along with a burst of activities to lure you out of your winter hibernation. In the following, we’ve highlighted just 6 of the many things happening throughout September to encourage you to put away the blankets and get off the couch.
bill infographic

How to read your energy bill

While your energy bills can seem complex at first glance, they’re actually fairly easy to understand once you know what you’re looking at. To help you make sense of your bill, we’ve come up with a simple infographic that explains all the different parts and what they mean.

Who is Nikola Tesla and why is everyone talking about him?

The word ‘Tesla’ has become synonymous with innovation in energy efficiency, from electric cars, solar roofs, to large-scale renewable energy generation and storage. But Tesla is not just the name of a company: it actually belongs to Nikola Tesla, the Engineer/Physicist whose groundbreaking inventions led to many of the electrical devices that we take for granted today. Learn more about this remarkable man and how his visionary genius impacts on almost every aspect of contemporary life today.

How to make your life more sustainable in 4 easy steps

There are many ways we can reduce our impact on the environment and, at the same time, conserve energy and save money. It doesn’t have to take a huge effort, just a few slight adjustments to how we do things and the way we think about the things we use and consume. Here are some easy steps you can take to make your life more sustainable.
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Discover your inner scientist at National Science Week 2017

Since 1997, National Science Week has seen an annual celebration of all things scientific, with thousands of events happening right across the country in a variety of locations. Running from the 12th – 20th August and catering for science buffs of all ages, there’s something for everyone during this inspiring and educational week. We’ve featured just a few of the events on offer to get your synapses tingling.