Bicycle Victoria

Discover the best of South Australia

Discover world-class premium events and entertainment in City of Churches. Here are just a few highlights of what’s happening in South Australia over the next few months.

Seven quirky ways to keep cool this summer

With the days rapidly heating up, we’ve come up with a few unconventional ways to cool down that won’t bump up your power bill.
Bicycle Victoria

Stay cool this summer

While the weather warms up it’s important we look after ourselves and stay hydrated - Lumo Energy team put a list of drinks to help you stay cool this summer.
Bicycle Victoria

Discover great NSW

Beyond the stunning Opera House and Darling Harbour, New South Wales caters for all tastes from the creative souls to world-class sporting events.

Three tips to storing your Christmas lights

We have found some handy ways to save you time and the longevity of your lights. The storage ideas utilise items you should have around your home – great to recycle!

It's Lumo's light year

We’re proud to be bringing light to Australians’ modern lives, and in the spirit of IYL 2015 we’ll be celebrating what light means us and the important roles it plays every day.