Gas or electric? What's hot & what's not in ovens

Are gas ovens really cheaper to run and better to cook with than electric? If you’re shopping around for a new oven, these are just a couple of the questions you’ll want answered before you decide.

From power station to you: getting a grip on the electricity grid

While there’s lots of talk about the electricity grid, what exactly does it mean and how does it transport electricity from the power station to your household?

Slow cooked: Energy efficient recipes to warm the soul

Winter is a great time for slow cooking, saving on effort and your energy bills. We’ve found these easy recipes for slow cooked meals to brighten even the gloomiest day.
westcare clinic

Supporting young people in need

The Western Bulldogs, The Salvation Army & Lumo Energy provided a group of at risk teenagers an opportunity to meet some of Melbourne’s finest AFL athletes.