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‘We Got This’ – National Sustainable Living Festival 2018

Since 1998, the National Sustainable Living Festival has highlighted the many ways we can live our lives more sustainably and how crucial changing our practices are for the future of our environment. Running from the 1st – 28th February, the overarching theme of 2018’s Festival is ‘We Got This – Reversing Climate Change’. Read on for more details about the inspirational events on offer.
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Make your move easier with these 10 DIY packing tips

There’s no doubt that packing is one of the most tedious parts of moving house, but it’s also one of the most important things to get right. Here are our 10 tips for making DIY packing just that bit easier and your move a whole lot smoother.
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8 tips for a stress-free start to the new school year

Before you know it, the summer holidays are drawing to an end and you have to start thinking about getting the kids ready for school. You suddenly realise just how much you have to do to make the transition a smooth one for both you and the kids. But, don’t panic! Check out our 8 tips for a stress-free start to the school year, helping you and your kids get through the first few days without a hitch.
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How to make your fridge more energy efficient

Fridges are known to be one of the most energy hungry appliances in the home, but we can’t really imagine life without them. There are ways, however, to ensure your fridge runs more efficiently and uses only as much energy as it needs to. Our handy infographic shows what you can do to make sure your fridge is energy efficient.
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No lights or fridge? Here’s what to do when the power goes out

Increasingly, Australian summers can mean power outages, particularly in the eastern and southern states where there’s a dense population and electricity demand is high. But there’s no need to panic; as long as you’re prepared and have some basic information at hand, a power outage doesn’t have to mean a huge disruption to your life.
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How to handle the holiday down time without going stir crazy

You’ve been looking forward to it for months – the Christmas break and some well-deserved time off work. But now it’s upon you, the celebrations are over and you’re finding it a bit hard to get motivated. For one thing, everyone & everything else seems to have gone on holiday as well. Yet there are lots of things you can do over the break to help you feel both rested & inspired. Here are just a few ideas for ways to fill your time off.