Great Green Innovations

To all those Aussies out there who love the planet, but are not inclined to tree hugging, or public protesting, how about you save the planet in an uber-cool (and fun!) way? We have found some interesting new gadgets designed to be eco-friendly; helping you, and our planet shine. Check out the gadgets below and visit our website for some great energy saving tips.

Energy Producing Dance Floor

OK, so this first one may involve a little bit of travelling and is not technically a gadget, but we think it deserves a mention. Bar Surya in London has to be one of the first eco nightclubs. Powered by wind turbines and solar panels, with recycled furniture used inside (bathtubs as sofas and rolled magazines as table legs), the bar creates a unique atmosphere for its clubbers. The best part of it all – the DANCE FLOOR! Made from crystals with springs and power generators underneath, the dance floor produces a small electrical current when the springs are squeezed. The current is then fed into nearby batteries used to power parts of the club.

Dancefloor Power

dancefloor power

Read more about Bar Surya here.

Ink-less Printer

We’ve all seen those little messages at the end of emails saying ‘Please think before you print out this email’, with this nifty gadget, you won’t have to. Instead of printing onto paper, this ink-less printer uses thermal heat to ‘print’ text and images on special plastic paper. Each time the paper is inserted into the printer, it is erased and can be used again. The sheet can be used up to 1000 times, and costs about $3.35USD per sheet. The Prepeat printer itself costs about $5600USD.

ink-less printer

Teaching Kids how to conserve energy

This brilliant invention teaches kids how to conserve energy by changing colour when a light has been left on for too long. The ‘Tio’ starts off green and smiling, then changes to yellow and shocked if the light has been left on for over four hours. Try leaving a light on for over eight hours and Tio will change to an angry red ghost. The great thing about this invention is that it involves the whole family, sending the information to a computer program which tracks the family’s energy saving progress. With kid-friendly graphics, the program lets children grow a virtual tree which gets bigger and healthier as more energy is saved.

tio light switch conservation tool

tio virtual tree

To help you shine, we have put together some great energy saving tips. Visit Lumo Energy to view these tips and visit the Community Section of our blog regularly for updates.

Date: 13 October 2010
Category: Lumo Community

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