Energy Saving Tips

energy saving tips

With Winter supposedly behind us, we should all be using less energy in our homes. There’s no more need to crank the heater, to stand in the nice warm shower for too long and no more steaming hot drinks to help us brave the cold weather. Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be thinking about your energy usage. Here are a few handy energy saving tips for you to think about during the beautiful spring weather:

  • If you’re going away for a week or two, switch off your electric hot water system – Just make sure you turn it back on when you come back home!
  • In warm weather, dry your clothes outside rather than use the clothes dryer
  • Turn off all lights in rooms that aren’t being used
  • Turn off your computer, TV or radio when they aren’t being used
  • Using cold water to wash your clothes uses less energy
  • Use a jug/kettle to boil water when cooking. Will it heat water quickly and is 50% more efficient.  Just make sure you fill the jug with cold tap water instead of hot.
  • Use the ‘Energy Rating’ system when buying new appliances, more stars mean it’s more energy efficient. (see below)

Energy rating

For more energy saving tips, visit Lumo Energy.

Feel free to let us know if you have any more great energy saving tips!

Date: 22 September 2010
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