Energy Connections Made Easy when Moving Home

moving home

Lumo Energy can help make moving home a breeze! Reduce the stress and let us manage the disconnections and connections of your gas and electricity when you are moving home to ensure your lights are shining on the day of your big move.

If you are looking at moving just fill out our simple Moving Home online form and we will contact you to organise the energy connections to your new home. If you are a current customer then we can also organise the disconnection from your old home and the connection to your new home in one quick phone call.

Here are few tips for when you are moving home:

Top Moving Tips
  • Make a list of your main possessions. This is a good chance to clear things out and should help with any changes to your insurance you may want to make.
  • Label everything on the outside of your boxes. Then when you have moved, the boxes can be easily placed in the right rooms, and you can find everything easily.
  • Place heavy objects in smaller boxes so they're not so heavy to lift.
  • If renting, make sure you have given formal written notice with your real estate agent or landlord  about ending your lease at your old property.
  • Back up all your files, programs and photos from your computer onto external hard drives.
  • If you are moving interstate, do some research and find out more about the facilities around your new home.
  • Connect with Lumo Energy to ensure your lights are on from day one.

Date: 2 June 2014
Category: Moving Home

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