Three tips to storing your Christmas lights

christmas lights 

Twelve days after Christmas is the day that we take down the glorious festive decorations. Why 12 days? It is how long it took the three wise men to reach Bethlehem. To save you from detangling a mess of lights next year, here are some handy ways to save you time and the longevity of your lights. These storage ideas utilise items you should have around your home –great to recycle!


 cardboard box


The cardboard that you will undoubtedly receive with gifts can keep your lights tidy. Cut card into a rectangle, approximately 30.5cm x 15cm, cut a notch at one end and hook one end of the lights into the notch.  Start wrapping the lights around the cardboard.  When the lights are wrapped check to see where the end of your cord is and then cut another notch to attach the end of the cord.  Tissue paper or newspaper can be used as padding between the layers of lights.  Layer upon layer of lights will keep your lights tangle free and go a long way to stop them from breaking.

Coffee Tins


coffee tin


Coffee fans hold on to your tins you can wrap your lights around them.  Make a hole at the top of the tin and insert one end, then start wrapping and make an insert of the other loose end to keep the lights in place.  You do need tins that have a plastic top as this helps protect the lights.

Coat Hangers

coat hangers


You’ll only need a few clothes hangers (depending on the number of light strands) and some duct tape to ensure smooth storage of your Christmas lights.  Heavy-duty hangers are best and one hanger can hold one set of lights.  Wire hangers are too flimsy.

Use duct tape to attach one end of the light strand to the lower right or left hand corner of the hanger. You can then start to wind the strand of lights around the hanger, pull tightly to avoid slack as this could cause tangling, then  duct tape the tail end to the hanger.

 Place the wound-on lights inside a box and avoid squashing the lights.  If you have a few layers to pack, use card or tissue to separate the hangers, as again this will keep them tangle free and protect them.


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Date: 9 January 2015
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