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Like Lumo Energy to Win a $2000 Coles Gift Card

Like Lumo Energy to WIN a $2000 Coles Giftcard!

Become a mate of of Lumo Energy on Facebook by Liking us and you could win a $2000 Coles Gift Card to enjoy Christmas with. Make sure you tell your friends and spread the Christmas cheer.
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Lumo Energy's No Risk Offer

We’re committed to helping our customers shine and what better way to do that then offering them a great deal? If you sign up to either our Lumo Advantage package or one our Lumo Life 10 package, you automatically receive the no risk offer.
energy saving tips

Energy Saving Tips

Here are a few handy energy saving tips for you to think about during the beautiful spring weather.
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Hi. We're Lumo. Nice to meet you

We have made a lot of changes around here and we hope you like them, cos we do.