10 Business Hacks to Save You Time and Money

Sometimes, it’s the little things you can do that make a big difference to your business. Minimising costs and maximising productivity are crucial elements of a successful business. Whether it’s changing your lights or finding that extra kick of energy in the afternoon, we’ve put together 10 bright ideas you can easily implement to get the most out of your business.

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1. Stay in Control

Ensure you’re in control of your heating and cooling. By setting your thermostat between 18 and 20 degrees in winter, you can significantly reduce your energy bill. For every degree above 20, you can add 10% to your heating bill. During summer, 26 degrees or above is what you should aim for. Anything below that will increase your bill.1


2. Circulate air flow

By adding in ceiling fans, cool air can be circulated efficiently during summer. During winter, reverse the direction of the fans to prevent drafts. This will allow you to keep your thermostat higher in summer and lower in winter.2 


3. Save in the kitchen

Whether you’re a cafe owner or work in an office, your fridge is an expensive appliance. Make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible by ensuring the door seals are tight and there are no gaps. Set your fridge to 4 or 5 degrees and your freezer to -15 to -18 degrees.1


4. Switch your lights

For small businesses, lighting can account for 10-25% of your electricity bill.  Switch your lights to fluorescent bulbs to reduce your energy consumption. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use up to 75% less energy than a regular bulb and can last up to four years.4 


5. Use power boards

It’s common for people to think that when they turn a piece of equipment off, it stops using energy. However, equipment continues to draw power even in ‘off’ mode and can account for up to 10% of your electricity bill.5 Encouraging employees to plug equipment into a single power board and turning it off at the switch when they leave their desk will ensure energy is saved from all devices.


6. Invest to save

When purchasing equipment for the office, whether it’s computers, printers or copiers, consider models with higher energy star ratings that shut off after a period of inactivity. Try and use inkjet printers if possible, they consume 90% less energy than laser printers.6 


7. Sense where there’s a saving

Daylight or occupancy sensors are a great way to make sure your lights are only on when they need to be. They can be programmed according to changes in light levels, use of a space or the time of day.


8. A marathon of sprints

Break up your large projects into small, management tasks. Instead of being overwhelmed with a daunting task, you’ll be able to get through a number of your tasks which will motivate you to keep going. This is the same for implementing energy efficient processes at your work.


9.Save on hot water

When boiling the kettle, only boil as much water as you need. Boiling a full kettle uses enough energy to run an energy efficient fridge for four hours.7 


10. Re-Energise your team

Set up quarterly meetings with your team to generate energy saving ideas. By incorporating the team in your planning, they’ll be more motivated to implement the changes. Be transparent around the savings you’ve made from the changes and reward staff who actively try to reduce their energy consumption.


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Date: 23 July 2015
Category: Business

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