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Meet Gavin.

He’s just a regular guy. I mean who doesn’t love pancakes and Flashdance?! At Lumo Energy we don’t judge our customers, we just supply them electricity to help them shine. Gavin loves cycling and is currently training for this local ‘bike around the block’ event. Good on ya, Gavin.

We love community events too, and have recently paired up with Bicycle Victoria to search for the most pimped up bike in Victoria. The winner receives a Trek 7.0FX bike valued at $399. Entries are now closed but if you’d like to vote for the most ‘Pimped Up Bike’, vote now at Bicycle Victoria and join the group of your favourite pimped up ride! Voting closes Sep 30 2010.

Have a look at some of these pimped up bikes (all photos taken from the Bicycle Victoria Facebook Page):

pimped up bike

pimped up bike

pimped up bike

At Lumo Energy, we believe in making a difference to local communities and we support some great community initiatives. We recently supported the National Light Up! Campaign, highlighting the importance of proper lighting for bicycles and have a lot more community events coming up this year.  For more information on our community initiatives visit Lumo Energy or check out the Community section of our blog.

Date: 7 September 2010
Category: Lumo Community

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