Behind the scenes with the Lumo Appliances – Part 1

 lumo energy lamp

Name: Lamp 
Gender: Female
Nationality: English-Australian


When she’s in the spotlight, Lamp comes across as flirty and fun, yet her real character is much more self-involved. This is because she comes from a long line of celebrity lamps (her Grandfather was the street lamp in the movie Singin’ In the Rain), which has contributed to Lamp’s Diva-esque attitude. She believes she is destined for stardom and views her role at Lumo as merely a stepping stone to something bigger (for example, her favourite saying is “I light up the screen!”). 

Generally, Lamp sees herself as superior to the other appliances, particularly Fan, although she does seem to have a thing for Air-Con, possibly due to his contacts in Hollywood. 

Behind the scenes, Lamp speaks with a posh English accent (slightly affected, as she actually comes from Sheffield) and has taken on a whole number of British stereotypes, such as drinking lots of tea and partaking in scones with jam and cream. Not surprisingly, her favourite song is Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ and her favourite accessory is a glittery feather boa. 

 lumo energy fan

Name: Fan
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian


You might see him as a bit ditzy and flustered, well, when he’s not on screen, Fan is … pretty much the same. Renowned for his puns and one-liners, in reality most of Fan’s jokes are completely accidental. Though this hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most popular appliances, mainly because he’s everyone’s greatest fan! 

Actually, there’s nobody in the crew who Fan doesn’t like, and he’s particularly fond of Lamp, who he holds a (not so secret) torch for. He also looks up to Air-Con, who is like a hero to him, which is slightly complicated by the fact that Lamp is completely besotted with Air-Con. But Fan doesn’t let this get to him. 

Fan is known for his huge collection of sunglasses, which are his favourite accessory. And his all-time favourite song is Aaliyah’s ‘Back & Forth’. In fact, any time away from his Lumo duties finds Fan belting it out at his local Karaoke bar! 

lumo energy toaster 

Name: Toaster
Gender: Male
Nationality: Australian


While he comes across as a regular ‘Ocker’ bloke on screen, fairly gruff and matter of fact, Toaster’s true nature is much more flamboyant and fun-loving. Around the Lumo set, he’s known for his pranks, such as popping things out of his slots when the other actors least expect it. He’s even given himself a shock on occasion, when he’s forgotten his timer was on! 

Toaster was ‘discovered’ when he was working in Myers, making toast for a Royal visit. Since then he’s worked as an actor to finance his studies to be a chef. He dreams of opening a ‘toast’ themed café with his best friend Kettle, who will be responsible for making the hot drinks. 

As mentioned, his favourite co-star is Kettle, and they hang out a lot in the off-set kitchen, discussing Toaster’s plans to go on Masterchef. On the other hand, Toaster really doesn’t get along well with Lamp, who was heard to snap at him when he surprised her so much her bulb popped out. As far as Toaster’s favourite song goes, well, it’s anything by AC/DC …

 lumo energy blender

Name: Blender
Gender: Male
Nationality: Irish


From his on screen persona, you’d think Blender was the consummate professional – cheerful, funny and everyone’s friend. Once the camera stops rolling, however, he’s a real party guy who likes his booze and gets a wee bit mixed up. Actually, he’s quite mixed up, including confusing the names of the other appliances on a regular basis. For example, he consistently calls Toaster ‘Air-Con’, which Blender blames on the fact that they’re both rectangles.

Hailing from County Cork in Ireland, in 2008 Blender moved with his family to Fitzroy in Melbourne. While working in a hipster bar blending cocktails, Blender was spotted by an Art Director, who thought he’d be perfect for the Lumo ads. His only other claim to fame is that he once served a Mojito to Warnie. 

While Blender generally gets on with everybody, his least favourite appliance is Hair Dryer, as she came on too strong and nearly melted his plastic. His favourite saying is, “Let’s mix things up!” and his favourite song is ‘Club Tropicana’ by Wham. Needless to say, Blender still loves mixing up a cocktail or two at the end of a long day’s filming. 

Date: 12 September 2017
Category: Living Sustainably | Lumo Community

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