Aussie inventor is shedding light among third world countries

There are approximately 1.6 billion people in the world who do not have access to electricity.  Instead, they burn toxic kerosene to light their homes, which when is inhaled is the equivalent of smoking two packets of cigarettes a day.  It also causes 90% of house fires in developing country homes, where people are living on $1 a day or less.

Australian company, Illumination was launched purely to provide people living in these conditions with safe, clean, free light.  Founder, Shane Thatcher, had previously held a 12 year career in energy trading and on learning about the harsh realities of many people lives, decided to create a solution; he left his job and launched Illumination.

Since 2011, Illumination has distributed over 500,000 pocket solar products with a focus on international AID and Disaster Relief. The products are having a dramatic and measured effect on the economic, health and educational outcomes of almost 2 million people, who have been gifted Illumination’s Mandarin 2 Solar Light.


The Mandarin 2 Solar Light is an affordable lighting option for the poorest people around the world, saving a family around $70 per year, which is an extraordinary amount when you earn $1 a day.  It also increases children’s study time by approximately 70% and as a result improves overall education performance, as well as dramatically reducing the family’s likelihood to suffer a house fire or health issues which include respiratory illnesses, burns and pneumonia.

Illumination’s range of solar lights are perfect for camping and to keep in the car or at home for emergencies, visit here to find out more about its products and its BOGO program.  Illumination strongly believe affordable, reliable energy access underpins any international development effort, be it in education, health, women’s and children’s safety or the promotion of economic independence and prosperity. 

 Help eliminate energy poverty.

NGO's receiving and distributing lights:

1)      Partner organization, Kadasig AID and International Development,;

2)      Partner organization East Bali Poverty Project, and

3)     Partner organization Marine Megafauna Foundation,

4)    Partner organisation in Mozambique,





An empirical study into the benefits of relieving energy poverty in the developing world.

Date: 8 October 2015
Category: Media | Lumo Community

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