Lumo Energy helps you save energy and understand your bill

2 December 2013

Lumo Energy shares their hottest energy saving tips and new bill explainer to help consumers use energy more efficiently over the coming summer months.

Based on a consumer survey released today, despite them spending more on other cost-of-living expenses, 84 per cent of households are most stressed about energy costs. The survey was compiled by consumer group Choice in conjunction with non-profit group the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the Energy Efficiency Council.

To help reduce some of that stress, Lumo has shared energy saving tips to help customers save on their energy bills; from lighting and water heating and to advice on energy efficiency and household appliances.

And for that sometimes-complex information on customer bills, Lumo's new bill explainer clearly labels and explains each section, helping customers understand their usage and costs.

"Understanding how to manage your energy can be a challenge. At Lumo, we've made it as easy as possible to understand your bills and also to learn some quick tips for saving energy," explained Tim Harrington, Executive General Manager of Marketing and Sales at Lumo Energy.

Lumo Energy is one of Australia's fastest growing energy retailers, servicing customers in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The company is focussed on providing competitive energy packages and offering excellent value to its growing customer base.