Madi Robinson shares top injury prevention tips

April 2016

 Netball Victoria

Star netballer Madi Robinson, has recently returned from injury and been named captain of the Melbourne Vixens. Netball is the third most popular sport amongst five to 14 year old girls and remains the leading women’s team sport in the country. However, netball is also currently the third most injury prone sport for youth in Australia (after rugby union and rugby league), with more than 33% of players experiencing injury in the sport.*
Thanks to Lumo Energy, major partner of the Association Championships, Robinson can share her top tips for injury prevention for young and upcoming netballers. 

1. Warm Up!
A warm-up session is crucial before play, and should be done before both training sessions and games. The warm-up session should last between 10-15 minutes, and involve both stretches and more fast-paced activity.
Madi Robinson: “I like to start with a simple jog and gradually up the pace to more specific game like movements. Make sure to stretch your muscles that will be most often used in the game like glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads and arms.”

2. Hydrate
It’s important to drink water whenever possible pre, during and post exercise. Keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water is crucial in preventing dehydration, which can lead to further injuries.
Madi Robinson: “Keeping hydrated helps me to perform at my best, so I always keep a drink bottle filled with water close by, at training or even just at home.”

3. Make sure you have the right equipment
Having proper basic equipment such as good running shoes and if, needed knee and ankle guards, is important to ensure safe play during netball. Make sure your shoes fit properly, and consider speaking to your doctor about preventative taping for knees or ankles.
Madi Robinson: “The right pair of shoes is essential to performing your best! Shoes are critical for ankle support, so choosing a good quality pair that is fitted correctly is one of the most important ways to prevent injury out on the court.”

4. Train your netball muscles
Training sessions are just as valuable as games. It’s important to learn the correct passing, catching and landing techniques. Using the right techniques is crucial to avoiding injury. Learn programs and netball drills that work on specific exercises to develop strength, agility and flexibility around the knees and ankles.
Madi Robinson: “Technique is everything, and it’s often worth taking the time to refine. While it can be tempting to complete exercise hard and fast, being patient and really fine-tuning your skills will pay off in the long run.”

5. Cool down!
Last but not least, don’t forget to cool down after a round of training or a game. It is important to have a minimum of 10 minutes of cool-down exercises. This helps to reduce the soreness in muscles by clearing the lactic acid that builds up during any activity, especially netball.
Madi Robinson: “My cool downs involve stretching or using a foam roller, going for a slow jog or sometimes even just walking.”

The 2016 Netball Victoria Association Championships, now in its 17th year of competition, provides players from Victoria’s 225 netball Associations the opportunity to compete in what has become a crucial part of the Netball Victoria talent pathway, as well as assisting in the development of coaches, umpires and officials.
The Association Championships involves events across each of the six Netball Victoria Association Zones throughout metro and regional Victoria starting on May 29th. The championships culminate in finals held at the State Netball Hockey Centre on June 26th.
In conjunction with the tournament, Lumo Energy is awarding $1000 to every winning team in the 13/U, 15/U, 17/U and Open at the Association Championship Finals. In addition, Lumo Energy is running a competition for participants to win $250 for themselves and $250 for their team simply by uploading a picture of their competition preparation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #LumoChamps. 


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