Lumo Energy's new energy usage tool

10 October 2013

Lumo Energy has a new energy usage tool for customers in Victoria, making it easier for customers to keep track of, and better understand, their electricity usage.

The new energy usage tool is available now to Lumo Energy residential and business customers in Victoria with active Smart Meters, when they log onto My Account through this website.

Simply by clicking on the 'energy usage' tab, customers will have access to a wide range of information on their electricity consumption, allowing them to view:

  • usage data as soon as 48 hours after consumption
  • specific components of their electricity tariff, such as peak, shoulder, off-peak or solar usage, and,
  • usage data for any period* within the last two years.
Customers can also compare their current bill with a previous bill or usage from the same period in a previous year*.

Usage information can be viewed in multiple formats, such as easy-to-understand and interactive graphs. And the data can also be emailed from the My Account website in a format that can be uploaded into the Victorian Government's My Power Planner on the Switch On website.

By viewing this detailed usage information, customers can see more easily when they are using electricity, for example during 'Peak' periods when the cost of using electricity is higher. And by reducing their electricity usage during 'Peak' periods, customers could potentially save money on their electricity bills.

How will customers know if they have an active Smart Meter?

All customers with an active Smart Meter will be able to see the 'energy usage' tab when they log onto My Account.   

According to the Victorian Government, all properties across Victoria will have Smart Meters installed by the end of 2013. Lumo Energy customers in Victoria who do not currently have a Smart Meter will be able to access the energy usage tool once theirs is installed and activated.

If Lumo Energy customers cannot access the energy usage tool but would like information on their electricity usage, they should contact us on 1300 11 5866.

What about Lumo Energy customers in other states?

Depending on the type of electricity meter installed at their property, Lumo Energy customers in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland may be able to access some electricity usage information from the new energy usage tool when they log onto My Account. Lumo Energy customers with solar energy will be able to access the new energy usage tool.

Alternatively, these customers can contact us on 1300 11 5866 and we'll be happy to provide them with their usage information.

My Account

Lumo Energy customers must be registered for My Account in order to access the new energy usage tool. My Account is our easy, online, way for customers to manage their account.
Customers who have not yet registered for My Account can register now by clicking on the 'Register for My Account' link at the top of this website.

For more information on our new energy usage tool, log onto My Account now and view our short video demonstration.

* As long as the Smart Meter data is available, and Lumo Energy was the retailer, for that period.