About Lumo Energy

Welcome to Lumo Energy!

What is a Lumo?

Well,  it’s a term relating to sub-atomic particles and physics and stuff. But more importantly, it’s a new name in energy. One that we think you’ll remember.

While it’s a new name, it’s not a new provider. Lumo used to be known as Victoria Electricity, South Australia Electricity, Queensland Electricity and New South Wales Electricity. We already serve over 480,000 Aussies, so we know a little about energy.

Which is why we’ve outgrown our old name and our old neighborhood. We’re becoming a truly national energy retailer bringing better service and better value, wherever you are in Australia. We’re becoming Lumo.

Our simple belief is that life’s too short to waste on worrying about Gas and Electricity. That’s why we do the worrying for you. We get on with the job, so you can get on with the important stuff. Whether it’s family, friends, your community, your dog, whatever makes you shine.


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