smart meters

ready to meet your smart meter?

Is your dog sick of meter readers coming to your home? Good news - as part of the Victorian Government's ongoing plan to improve our electricity infrastructure, new smart meters will be replacing the existing ones in all homes and small businesses by the end of 2013.

frequently asked questions.

You probably have some questions about smart meters (like 'what makes them so smart?'), so we've got some answers for you.

What can the new smart meters do?

Your new smart meter, unlike your old meter, has got some new tricks up its sleeve, like:
  • It tracks your electricity consumption every 30 minutes, allowing you to adjust your energy usage habits and improve your energy efficiency.
  • It provides remote readings, removing the need for meter readers to visit your property.
  • It remotely connects your electricity supply when you move house, making the process easier.
  • It helps your distributor to respond to faults and outages more quickly.

Please note that some smart meter features, including remote readings and connections, may not be enabled when your smart meter is installed. These features will become available over time as they are installed across Victoria.

When will my smart meter be installed?

Replacing all old meters across the state is not an easy task and will take time. Your smart meter can be replaced anytime between 2009 and 2013. If you have not yet received your smart meter, you will receive advance notice from your distributor before your scheduled installation date.

Who schedules my smart meter installation?

Your smart meter will be installed by your electricity distributor or a suitable qualified meter installer, carrying relevant photo identification and with appropriate authority. On the day of your meter installation, your meter installer will announce their arrival before the installation begins and will notify you once it is complete.

How much will it cost to get my smart meter installed?

The installation cost of your smart meter will be applied over time and will reflect in your Service to Property Charges (this covers infrastructure costs such as power poles, wires and meters). These charges will be adjusted to recover costs of installation and maintenance.

Will this affect my Lumo Energy bill?

Once your smart meter is installed, your Lumo Energy bills will become simpler and more accessible than ever. If you are currently on a quarterly billing cycle, your account will move to a more convenient monthly cycle based on actual reads we receive from your distributor. So you can enjoy the benefits of a more frequent billing system showing accurate readings of your electricity usage.

What if someone at my home is on life support?

Your electricity distributor will have made the necessary arrangements if you have completed and lodged life support notification forms. If you are uncertain whether this information has been provided, please call Lumo Energy as soon as possible on 1300 368 938.

Where can I get more information on the smart meter initiatives?

For more information on the Victoria Government's smart meter rollout, simply visit the Department of Primary Industries website or call 136 186.